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While it may be difficult to purchase these magazine from outside Japan, I encourage you to buy hardcopies whenever possible to show your support for this industry.

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Free Access Hiatus

Posted on 2013-12-17

As most of you have noticed things have been pretty slow lately on Zasshiko. A few months ago my computer started to act up and it had to be sent back for repairs. After much waiting and delay it was finally returned to me however the problem still persisted and it had to be sent back. This cycle kept on happening and today is the third time my poor computer is sent back to "hospital". Of course such circumstances took a negative toll on all my pc-related work including Zasshiko. I am currently working from an old laptop which is not ideal. The magazine backlog steadily grew bigger, however with the resources I possessed there was no way I could process it like I normally do. Uploading to Depositfiles (or any free hosting sites) took forever and often failed so I had to temporary stop that service. As uploading to my personal sever was much quicker the donators' service continued. I saw little point to stop both services as it would only increase my workload when everything was normal again.
A handful of people took this opportunity to badmouth Zasshiko and me which I do not appreciate to say the least. For the past few years I have spent endless hours working on this site, like you I also have a "real life" that needs looking after and it may surprise you but that is really time consuming. Appreciation for the site has been dwindling, yet the number of using the site is not. I haven't really complained about this before but recent comments that I've been reading is not all that motivating.
More than anything I want everything to return to normal but sometimes it doesn't happen as you plan or wish.

Initially I wanted to resume free access with January 2014 issues and I still aim to do so. However, I have a few things to ask of you. Please remember that Zasshiko is maintained as a hobby by a person who just wants to share Japanese fashion. If you have time drop me a note now and then, it is nice to know who my visitors are in words rather than a number on a statistics page.

Oh wells, rant finished! I would also like to say a big thank you to those who are waiting patiently and supports Zasshiko. Honestly, this site is alive because of you!


Posted on 2013-03-27

Hello my dearies,
Have you been keeping well? Its spring time!! Though it's still snowing and pretty miserable where I am, I'm looking forward for some warmer weather. Since many many years ago, I have never been able to enjoy this wonder season. Do you know why? That's right assessments!! I'm sure many of you still in academic studies know that this is a hectic time for students. Unfortunately, this year is no different from the past years. I'll be focusing on essay writing for the next few weeks so things might be a little slower here on Zasshiko. I actually can't resist uploading sometimes so don't worry it won't be a halt completely.

Note to my dear donators: It's actually way easier and quicker for me to upload on my own little server, so I'll still upload there very frequently. The updates won't appear on the main site so please click here to view the latest magazines. Think of it as an extra little thank you for your support.

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